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Writer’s Block Cure

How to Write a Book in 2021!

Here’s a simple equation to remember: Action = Reaction. You can motivate yourself by taking Action. Even if you do not feel motivated at the moment. Here’s one more thing to remember: Less = More. Because “Less” is more doable than “More”. It’s easier to do “Less” than it is to do “More”. You don’t need to write for…

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Looking for a Cure for Writer’s Block?

Just within the past couple of months, several folks have confided in me about “writer’s block”, and how they wished they could get rid of it. In thinking about this problem, which plagues all writers, whether they care to admit it or not, I decided to make a few suggestions to help you get rid of this rather unpleasant…

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Knocking Out Writer’s Block

If you read my first installment on writer’s block and the three very simple tips I gave to get started, you have probably come to the same conclusion as I have: The main source of the writer’s block conundrum is … ourselves! There are many reasons why we get writer’s block, but here are three main ones: Procrastination Pressure…

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Finding a Writer’s Block Cure By Creating Fresh Content

So, here’s the million-dollar question: How do you create fresh, new, and invigorating content for your writing? Most folks don’t associate the word “invigorating” with writing. Come to think of it, when I hear the word “invigorating”, I think of diving into a fresh cold water spring on a hot summer day. That certainly sounds inviting, doesn’t it? Well,…

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